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Back pain massage in Bangalore help you recover and provide relief from deep back issue.
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Back Massage Therapy In Bangalore

Enjoy much more with the Back Massage Therapy in Bangalore and enjoy the exclusive experience of our spa offerings

Back Massage Therapy In Bangalore

Back Spa center in Bangalore

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Deep Stress Relief Back Spa Treatment In Bangalore

Back spa treatment in Bangalore is one of the best way to relax on your weekend and spend some quality time.
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What is Spa Center?

A spa center is a place where you can visit to meet a specialist who can provide a variety of massage services in order to relax your tissue and body. Pickmyspa is one of the best spa centers in Bangalore.

What is Spa Therapy?

Spa therapy is a treatment provided in Spa for different body parts like back, head, foot, complete body and many more. Massage therapist analyse your body at our spa and suggest best spa therapy for you.

What do you Wear for Spa Day?

On the spa day, we recommend being in a swimming costume, robe or gym dress. At our massage center we don’t restrict any dress but highly recommend to come in a dress which is comfortable for you. We also provide a pair of fresh and clean dress if required.

How Often Should I Get a Massage?

If your are starting the massage therapies then we recommend you to go for twice a week so that you can be most benefited out from our massage services. But as the number of spa seession grows you can limit it to once a week and moving forward you can go for twice or thrice a month.

Should I Shave Before Spa?

It is recommended to shave but it is not mandatory to do it.

Why Choose Us


We have got a team of professional massage experts who have good experience and are friendly to customers


We use all the high standard products for the massage and therapist help you choose the products which suit you the best


We provide the facility for online booking or booking via calls so that you can don't have to wait for your turn at our spa center


Our spa centers are located in prominent places in Bangalore. Also, we provide good ambiance, lighting, and soothing music.

Back Pain Massage near me & Spa Center Bangalore

Pick My Spa provides the back pain massage near me at our spa center providing great relief from back pain

If your back feels pain and tiredness and you experience a sharp pain in the movement of your neck and back, it probably means that your back and neck are suffering from a lot of strain and stress. This massage is very beneficial for those who are suffering from back and neck pain.

The Neck and back massage usually involves gentle thumping, kneading and many more techniques to unblock the knots inside your muscles and increase blood circulation.

A good back massage can relief from lower back pain. After a tiring workout or sitting at a desk all day, your back muscles are likely to be tense from overuse or repetitive use. When in this therapy a massage therapist works on those muscles and tries to reduce tension in those muscles.

Back massage involves various different techniques that are used to help relieve muscle tension, pain and tightness. Proper back massage encourages blood flow around the body, providing the muscles with nutrients and oxygen. Back pain happens to almost everyone at some point but to cure Massage therapy is one of the best solutions.

After Massage, you feel that your body is functioning better because of increasing circulation, which brings newly oxygenated blood to your muscles and transports metabolic waste away from your internal organs. Back massage therapy also provides better flexibility.

Back Massage Benefits

Improves Sleep: Back massage benefits, the cause of not getting nice sleep must be stress in muscles and mind. The back massage relaxes the larger muscles and reduces the tension that may increase blood circulation and you get good relaxing deep sleep. This allows you to have full sleep cycles for best performance and good health.

Increase Blood Circulation: A back massage banefits are, It’s stimulates circulation and boosts blood flow to the area. This will help bring blood with oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and major organs and makes your body feel relax and removes tiredness.

Relieves Muscle Tightness: Massage Therapy is the best remedy that doesn’t involve medication or surgery for back pain, tiredness, stiffness. Back massage has been proven to loosen tight muscles, increasing blood flow and speeding up the healing process for sore or healing tissue.

Reducing Back Pain: A back massage involves a technique in which the therapist applying pressure to the back in order to influence muscles and skin. Back massages benefits are gaining more and more toehold as a solution to back pain in the medical world.

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