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Pickmyspa is one of the best massage service in Bangalore, we are highly rated by our clients in the health & wellness industry.

Are you looking out for a trusted spa and massage service & center near me? We at pickmyspa dedicated outlet with exclusive therapist & specialist to provide the best care to you. Are you not sure which treatment to pick? We have got consultants for you to help you through the selection of correct treatment for you. We provide free consultancy service on your 1st visit where our specialist will examine your body and suggest you the right treatment that can be done at our center.

Are you looking out for a trusted spa and experience the spa service and full body massage service in Bangalore from the trained hands of massage experts at our spa center in Bangalore. Make your tissue, body relax and get rid of health issues with the help of our massage specialist.

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Massage Services Bangalore

You are most welcome to enhance your spa experience by spending leisure time in our sauna and hot tub. Whether visiting the spa to unwind or rejuvenate, as a regular treatment or a special indulgence, expect a fully encompassing experience that leaves you looking and feeling your best.
Our team focuses on all elements of the spa experience inspired by their love of exceptional service. We believe the guest experience is not limited to the treatment and each interaction with our team is an integral part of our guests’ wholesome spa journey.
You are most welcome to enhance your spa experience by spending leisure time in our sauna and hot tub. For centuries, men and women have enjoyed the benefits of relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief, stress reduction and injury recovery as a result of massage therapy. We invite you to explore the many paths to wellness, both physical and emotional, in the care of our experienced therapists.

What is Body Spa

Body spa or also known as body polish is an advanced treatment for the skin of your complete body which recovers the tissue, make skin smooth & glowing. There are multiple procedures to complete the treatment like scrubbing, oiling, steaming and moisturizing to give a long-lasting treatment.

What is Spa Center?

Spa center is the place which is built in order to set a correct mood to get spa therapy. Pick my Spa in Bangalore is having one of the most advanced massage therapy centers which on visiting once will make you visit again. In our spa in Bangalore, we offer variety of massage,  spa & beauty services.

How often should you get a massage?

The frequency of spa treatment depends on the body. We generally suggest to take 2-3 massage services a month so that you body and tissues are relaxed; also some of the spa services can help to keep your skin glowing. But during the inetial/ intense training we suggest to take 3-4 therapy per week.

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Full Body Massage in Bangalore

We have brought the best combination of full body massage in Bangalore and special spa in Bangalore. Our massage center in Bangalore is provided by top quality products like oil, coconut milk, stones and more. We provide trained massage specialists that you will enjoy and can have complete satisfaction. Include the sweetness of full body massage in Bangalore and spa which will give you innermost relaxation.

Massage and Relaxation in Bangalore

Multi Wellness and Massage Clinic in Bangalore

We have the team of experienced professionals to provide the relaxing experience. We are dedicate to customer first approach.
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Massage in Bangalore

Pick my spa in Bangalore is body & spa clinic dedicated to provide the professional massage care in Bangalore

At our massage & welness centers in Bangalore we provide all the different types of spa services. We have a set of the experienced and certified massage therapist to provide the best massage service and that is how we have got a long list of our satisfied clients. We are popular for all the types of body massage provider in Bangalore. Also, people like to get services from our spa clinic. Our therapists are mostly the female who can patiently understand the reason you have visited our massage center and then suggest the best massage therapy followed by a satisfying massage session. We offer a very competitive price in the market that can relax your body without putting the burden on your pocket. Will like you to enquire and understand all the benefits of our service.

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